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Web site design, website designers, web design by Burncool Web site design, website designers, web design by Burncool


Burncool offers a complete web page design and promotion service, building quality websites at realistic, cost-effective prices. We design web sites to be easily navigated, fast loading, well laid out, pleasing to the eye and taking into account the expected audience. Web designs can include fully interactive online shopping stores and all are compatible with a large range of web browsers.

You can view other web designs in our portfolio here.

In addition to web site design we offer graphic design and web optimisation of existing graphics. We can also undertake domain name registration on your behalf.

Your site can be promoted by us through search engine listings using manual submissions, rather than an automated service, to achieve the best results. See a list of the search engines here. If your web site is suitable we can also cross link to complementary sites to add more traffic.

Ongoing maintenance of your site can be can be undertaken to allow for content changes such as additions and deletions, and to present an up-to-date and fresh appearance.

If you already have a web site, we have a makeover service that will freshen it up.

Our initial consultation is free and there is no obligation attached. Should you decide to use our service a written quote will be provided.

Burncool also offers expert help with your computer training needs, with computer and software installation or just overcoming some problem with your system. You can receive personalised on-site computer training using your own equipment and programs in your home, office or shop. Help is available for the absolute beginner and for the more knowledgeable user.

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