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Web Design

Web site for only $100!
That’s right! For only $100.00 you can have a one page web site with 300 words and an image you provide. This is a great option for a business which wants to establish an initial Internet presence, or for a club or for a personal home page.

Basic web site for as little as $275!
For $275.00 we will provide:

  • A web page coded in HTML ready to be launched on the Internet. This may include the text of up to 600 words from a draft provided by you.
  • Your company logo and up to five other images included, from photos or graphics you provide.
  • One animated image if appropriate.
  • Site promotion by manual submission of the listing to five major international search engines and five major Australian search engines.
  • The initial consultation is free. This can be done by email or by phone if you prefer. From this we can determine your exact requirements and then provide a written quote.

Site Makeover for $49.50 an hour!
Your existing site can be freshened up and up-dated for $49.50 an hour. Again, there would be an initial free consultation and we can then give a written quote on the upgrade you require.

If a major revamp is required it could be more cost-effective to have a brand new web site. The initial consultation will ensure the right approach is adopted.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting
We can arrange for the registration of a domain name appropriate, and available, for your site. A domain name is your unique business name on the Internet. You will have ownership of this name. Also, we can arrange for your site to be hosted on an Internet Service Provider and for your email addresses to be provided.

Registration and hosting costs will be those charged by the organisations providing the services, and you can pay them directly. In addition, our charge for making these arrangements is $55.00.

Online Shop
If you are looking for an e-commerce solution, we can build you a web site with a fully interactive online store for a realistic, cost-effective price. The price will depend on the comprehensiveness of the facilities required and the free initial consultation will enable us to determine the best solution for your budget.

On-going Maintenance
If your site needs regular up-dating and you cannot afford the time, we can undertake it for our normal hourly rate of $49.50. This includes formatting the changes from the details you supply, uploading them to your site and removing old information.

GST is included in all prices for Australian customers. Customers outside Australia do not have to pay GST and prices are 9% less than those shown.

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